Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's September?!?!

Hello September! Hopefully some cooler weather will come our way soon. In the mean time, here are some pics of things that make me happy:

Shipley's on Ella. It's the best...hands down

 Our Candy Jar at work....My co-worker (and friend) Nikki has decided to deter everyone away from the candy by attaching pictures of Honey Boo Boo's family member's.

I love Becca...she was sweet enough to take some preggo pictures for me...This is my absolute favorite one.

"Baby P" is still nameless but we have decided to come up with a few names and see what suites the baby when he/she arrive. I feel like JP and I are just coasting along....we're not too concerned if it's a boy or girl, we're not too concerned if we're not set on a name and we're just taking things in stride. I'm not sure what's taken over me but I just feel super calm about everything. Hopefully that continues and I don't start freaking out right before the kiddo gets here. I bet it's just hormones...

Any-who, here are some more pics from the progress in baby's room:
JP and Daisy mounted Baby P's bulletin board..Can you tell that JP makes her do all of the heavy lifting?

We framed our hand prints and will add Baby P's when he/she makes his/her debut!   
 That's it for now...hope everyone is recovered from Labor day weekend!


  1. They are rooooough to look at. That might HELP me deter me...maybe I should carry around a picture like that and flash it in front of anything that looks appetizing.

    The calm before the storm, my friend. ;-) Nah, I bet you guys will continue to take it all in stride.

    I can't wait to meet the little gummybear!

  2. Have you posted the session on FB? If not, DO SO!

    If you've been this calm all along, it can only be that it will follow through until the very end. Or, beginning. :)

    The nursery looks super cute- can't wait to see it!